All the humanitarian standards in your phone? Well, yes!

28 July 2016 | Sphere Project

Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership

If you could have all the humanitarian standards you usually work with in a smartphone application, what features would you like such an “app” to have?

The Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership is working to develop a smartphone application (or "app") in order to increase aid workers' access to and use of humanitarian standards. The app will make standards accessible also in field operations where internet and data connectivity are unreliable or missing.

A platform involving the Sphere Project and its Companion Standards, the Partnership works to make it easier for humanitarian practitioners to use multiple standards through improving cross-referencing, reducing inconsistencies, creating better resources and ensuring the use of a coherent conceptual framework and language.

As part of this effort, the Partnership has begun work to develop a smartphone application that will bring the whole set of standards literally into the pockets of humanitarian staff - particularly where and when they are most needed and most difficult to access.

Please let us know what you would like such an app to do. Respond to this short online survey, rate the proposed features and suggest those you would like to see in the app.

The Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership is made of Sphere and its Companion Standards. They complement each other and provide evidence-based resources in nine key areas of humanitarian response: water and sanitation, shelter, food security and nutrition, health (Sphere); education (INEE); child protection (CPMS); economic recovery (MERS); livestock (LEGS); and market analysis (CaLP).

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