New training resource: Sphere playing cards

10 July 2017 | Sphere Project

Learning experts agree that games are a great way to help adults learn things. So two humanitarian trainers developed a deck of Sphere playing cards for use in workshops.

Olivia Kunguma is a humanitarian trainer working in South Africa. She first came up with the idea of a deck of playing cards when looking for resources to use in the workshops she conducted on Sphere standards.

She wanted something that would make for some fun, some sort of game that workshop participants could use during coffee breaks and at the end of the day. That's how the idea of the Sphere playing cards was born. Once she developed the prototype, she also used the cards for a quick and fun re-cap activity every morning of the training workshop.

Adult learning experts say games help create better class dynamics, aid memorisation, improve satisfaction and motivation and encourage interaction, among other beneficial outcomes. That is exactly what Kunguma expects her cards will achieve.

The Sphere playing cards each include a brief message taken from the Sphere Handbook. The 54 cards include excerpts from the Humanitarian Charter, Protection Principles, Core Standards and sectoral chapters.

"The cards are a training resource for trainers and participants at Sphere workshops and they can use them in any way they wish," says Kunguma. "In training institutions that have implemented Sphere as part of their curriculum, students can use them to prepare exams," she adds.

Kunguma and Andries Jordaan, also a Sphere trainer, have created EduiFun, a company dedicated to developing learning games and resources. EduiFun has been able to take the Sphere playing cards from a prototype to a professionally designed and manufactured resource.

  • If you are interested in ordering a copy of the playing cards please contact EduiFun directly by email.
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