Revising the Sphere standards

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The year-long review and revision process offers plenty of opportunities for all users across the globe to engage and participate. 

Building on evidence, practice and experience gathered since 2011, the Sphere standards are now being revised for launching in 2018.

Your contribution is essential to make the next version of the Sphere standards even more accessible, easier to use and to adapt to context. 

Get involved and make the Sphere standards your own!

Get involved

These are some ways in which you can help Sphere mobilise resources and knowledge, advocate and reach out to diverse audiences.

Join a consultation

Get the first draft

Share feedback

Please check the
Sphere calendar
to find a consultation
near you.

If you plan to host a
consultation let us know
about your event here
Download the
Consultation toolkit.

The first round of
consultations runs until
the end of June


The first draft of the 
revised Sphere standards 
is now available for
consultation & feedback!
Download it here.

After reading the draft
revised Sphere standards,
please share your
feedback through this
online form.

The deadline to
submit feedback
has been extended
to 30 June

The revision team
invites you to respond
to this online survey
on key technical issues.

The deadline to
take the survey
has been extended
to 16 June


Good to know

Useful background information about the Sphere Handbook revision process: the what, when, why and how of it.

Overview Timeline Writing team
Get the gist of
the revision process in
this Overview
and learn hot to
Get involved.
Find out the
revision's main stages
& how to get involved.
Get to know the group
of lead chapter authors
and thematic experts.

Be in the loop

Make sure you don’t miss a bit of the action! Be the first to know what’s going on and how to participate.


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