Partners and cartoonists

The development of cartoons to promote key messages from the Humanitarian Charter was carried out in collaboration with the following partners:

The Cartoon Movement

A community of international editorial cartoonists and fans of political satire, the Cartoon Movement brings together more than 100 cartoonists in over 60 countries and is the Internet's number one publishing platform for high quality political cartoons and comics journalism.

The Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH)

The CERAH is the humanitarian platform in Geneva's academic environment, offering a variety of trainings and diplomas and conducting multi-disciplinary research on topics of humanitarian action.

The following artists created the cartoons:

Enrico Bertuccioli is an Italian illustrator and a cartoonist from the School of Comics of Milan. Enrico's cartoons and satirical texts are regularly published on humoristic web-zines.

Anne Derenne is a French illustrator and cartoonist based in Spain. Anne holds a Masters degree in international economics and has won several prizes for her drawings.

Emmanuel "Manu" Letouzé, a French-born, Brooklyn-based political cartoonist, is a Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Manu contributes cartoons to various publications.

Stephanie McMillan is a US artist and activist. Graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Stephanie has published her work in hundreds of publications worldwide.

Saad Murtadha, an Iraqi engineer, works as a freelance cartoonist and has published his work in his country's newspapers since 2003. Saad believes in the power of cartoons to make a point.

Fondation Foyer-Handicap, a Geneva-based organisation that supports and works with physically handicapped people, did the layout of posters and postcards.

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