Amman 2017 Thematic Workshop on Conduct of Hostilities and the Protection of Civilians

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Location: Amman

Country: Jordan

Beginning: 17 May 2017 | Ending: 18 May 2017 | 2 Days

Registration closes: 7 May 2017

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The “conduct of hostilities” is closely connected to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. Rules that govern what is a lawful military target may also determine when and how civilians must be protected. In this thematic workshop, participants comprehensively explore the international humanitarian law (IHL) rules governing the conduct of hostilities. Fundamental principles, such as proportionality, distinction, and precautions, are examined in detail. The course also spends time on special protections that IHL gives to specific categories of people and objects, such as medical personnel and facilities, women, and children. Led by expert academics and practitioners, this workshop calls attention to the practical relevance of the law in humanitarian contexts and tailors discussion to challenges faced by those in the humanitarian community. Active involvement by participants is encouraged.

Contact: Markus Forsberg +41 22 5418 0 58

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