Brussels 2017 Thematic Workshop on Terrorism and Counter-terrorism: Implications for Humanitarian Action

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Location: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Beginning: 6 Jul 2017 | Ending: 7 Jul 2017 | 2 Days

Registration closes: 26 Jun 2017

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Terrorism and counter-terrorism remain a major concern today for many different actors. In a changing and increasingly complex landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with new measures and approaches for how States and other actors respond to terrorism. In this workshop, we consider these recent developments and examine the relevant legal frameworks. The workshop features in-depth discussion of specific domestic, EU, and UN measures intended to address the threat of terrorism, the use of force as a response to terrorism, tensions that arise under human rights law, and an assessment of the implications for humanitarian action. Led by expert academics and practitioners, this workshop tailors discussion to challenges faced by those working in humanitarian contexts. Active involvement by participants is encouraged.

Contact: Markus Forsberg +41 22 5418 0 58

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