Essentials of Humanitarian Practice

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Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Country: India

Beginning: 28 Feb 2017 | Ending: 4 Mar 2017 | 5 Days

Registration closes: 25 Feb 2017

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Essentials of humanitarian Practice (EHP) is a Five-day essential course conducted globally by members of RedR International for humanitarian aid workers and those interested in the field of humanitarianism. The course blends key aspects of humanitarian work and its theories with case studies and practical simulations leading to an understanding of disasters, conflicts and humanitarian principle along with action; all of which are critical to an effective humanitarian response.

About the Course

This intensive course involving essential theory and class room based exercises will be ideal for people interested in working in the humanitarian sector. The course provides a strong introduction and understanding of the humanitarian sector and the practical knowledge of working in difficult contexts. Those with specific technical skills will benefit from learning the ways to apply their expertise to unique humanitarian contexts. Individuals and agency staff working in the sector would also benefit from vital orientation and reflection on current humanitarian work issues, trends and knowledge.

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Contact: Sinu Chacko

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