Geneva 2017 Thematic Workshop on Monitoring, Reporting, Fact-finding and Investigating in Armed Conflict

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Location: Geneva

Country: Switzerland

Beginning: 28 Sep 2017 | Ending: 29 Sep 2017 | 2 Days

Registration closes: 18 Sep 2017

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Violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law significantly increase the horrors inherent in war. Compliance with the law is therefore critical in order to reduce civilian suffering. Monitoring, reporting, fact-finding, and investigating are often relied upon as means to place pressure on individuals and parties to the conflict to strengthen the protection of civilians and to hold violators accountable for their actions. This workshop examines the different mechanisms and methodologies available for monitoring, reporting, fact-finding, and investigating. It also focuses on the interaction between the substantive bodies of law governing the violations: international humanitarian law, human rights law, and international criminal law. Expert academics and practitioners lead discussions on the legal, policy and operational challenges that arise in relying upon and implementing the various mechanisms.

Contact: Markus Forsberg +41 22 5418 0 58

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