New: The Sphere Handbook in Swahili

The Sphere Handbook 2011 edition is now available in Swahili, bringing the total number of language versions of the Handbook up to 30. The translation of the Handbook into...

Posted: 21st March 2017

Sphere Handbook revision off to a great start

The revision of the Sphere standards started with a three-day workshop with a diverse group of humanitarian professionals driving the process. The initial workshop with the authors and experts...

Posted: 23rd February 2017

New Sphere e-learning course for humanitarian managers

The new e-learning course Sphere for Managers - How to Champion the Sphere Approach in your Organisation provides a snapshot of the benefits of applying the Sphere standards and...

Posted: 22nd February 2017

Engaging with National Disaster Management Authorities to adopt humanitarian standards

National disaster management policies and guidelines benefit from building on and incorporating references to international humanitarian standards. But what does it take to link both and how can humanitarian...

Posted: 17th January 2017

Sphere training materials for the Syria response

A new version of the Sphere Training Package customised to the Syria response is available for download in Arabic from the Sphere website. This new version of the Sphere...

Posted: 18th January 2017

Sphere Board meeting: A new NGO and new governance

Ensuring that Sphere continues to adapt itself as a user-driven, practitioner-governed organisation, the project has become a non-profit association under Swiss law. At its second regular annual meeting held...

Posted: 22nd December 2016

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