Comparing the Core Humanitarian Standard and Sphere Core Standards

24 February 2015 | Sphere Project

The Sphere Project office has published a short comparative analysis of the Sphere Handbook's Core Standards and the recently released Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability.

On November 2014, the Sphere Project Board endorsed the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). The intention of the Board is to fully integrate the CHS into the Sphere Handbook, substituting it for the Handbook's Core Standards once the CHS key indicators and guidance notes are developed and tested.

CHA Sphere comparisonIn the interim period, The Core Humanitarian Standard and the Sphere Core Standards: Analysis and Comparison aims to help Sphere practitioners understand how the CHS will fit within the structure of the Sphere Handbook. It also aims to help Sphere trainers begin to integrate the CHS into their presentations.

This short guide highlights the fundamentally similar approach to quality and accountability underlying both sets of standards and describes in some detail the similarities and differences between them.

It compares the respective structures of the standards and notes their different emphases. It also highlights new elements contributed by the CHS that were not present in the Sphere Core Standards.

Meant as interim guidance for Sphere practitioners as they begin bringing the CHS into their work, the publication is available in English, French and Spanish. An Arabic version will be ready soon.

The Core Humanitarian Standard was jointly developed by the Groupe URD (Urgence, Réhabilitation, Développement), the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) International, People In Aid and the Sphere Project.

It draws together key elements of several existing humanitarian standards and commitments including the Red Cross/Red Crescent and NGO Code of Conduct, the Sphere Handbook Core Standards and Humanitarian Charter, the 2010 HAP Standard, the People In Aid Code of Good Practice and the Quality COMPAS method developed by Groupe URD.

The CHS will replace the HAP Standard, the People In Aid Code of Good Practice and the Sphere Core Standards. Its Nine Commitments will be integrated into the Quality COMPAS reference framework.

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