Now available: Italian version of the Sphere Handbook

29 July 2016 | Sphere Project

The Sphere Handbook 2011 edition has just been published in Italian. With this new version, the Handbook is now available in 28 languages.

Sphere handbook Italian 2011 editionThe Italian version of the Handbook was published by the Italian Agency for Emergency Response (AGIRE), a Sphere focal point in Italy.

AGIRE is a network of nine Italian NGOs that gather in times of humanitarian crises to mobilise private funding and to ensure a timely and effective response to major humanitarian emergencies.

The NGOs that make up AGIRE are currently active in humanitarian responses in Syria and the Middle East, as well as in West and East Africa, Nepal and the Philippines.

"We expect this new version of the Handbook to allow for an easier access and a more immediate use of its principles by Italian organisations. We believe that a better understanding of Sphere standards contributes to ensuring timelier and more effective responses to humanitarian emergencies - this is what motivated us to translate and publish the Handbook," says Alessandra Fantuzi, Head of AGIRE's Secretariat.

"In particular, we wanted to give Italian-speaking students of humanitarian affairs who begin their journey in the sector the possibility to study the criteria of quality, impact and accountability contained in the Handbook in their own language," she adds.

There are currently 28 language versions of the Sphere Handbook available as freely downloadable PDF files on the Sphere website. Many of them can be ordered in hard copy from their publishers.

The English, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the Handbook also exist in eBook format.

The Arabic, English, French and Spanish versions are accessible online on the micro-website

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