New online course on the Core Humanitarian Standard

19 May 2016 | Sphere Project

A new free-of-charge course on the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) is now available online in English, Arabic and French, with a Spanish version expected in the near future.

The new online course is based on four scenarios and covers the history of the CHS, its structure and scope, the principles underpinning it, the links between the CHS and Sphere sectoral standards, the responsibilities that the CHS places on humanitarian workers and organisations and how individuals and organisations can apply the CHS.

The course was jointly developed by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, the CHS Alliance, the Sphere Project, Groupe URD and the Instituto de Estudios sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria.

The CHS online course is designed for anyone who wants to use the CHS in their work; it should take one-two hours to complete. The learning platform hosting the course is designed to be accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

The course is offered free of charge and is currently accessible in English. Translations into French, Spanish and Arabic should be available soon. 

A voluntary standard, the CHS describes the core elements of a principled, accountable and high-quality humanitarian response. The CHS has replaced the Sphere Handbook Core Standards, the HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management as well as the People In Aid Code of Good Practice.

As it is integrated into the Sphere Handbook, the CHS must be used in conjunction with the Humanitarian Charter, the Protection Principles and Sphere minimum sectoral standards in order to provide a holistic framework to deliver a quality and accountable humanitarian response.

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