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25 February 2015 | Sphere Project

Sphere training package 2015The Sphere Project office has published a new training resource covering virtually all aspects of the use of Sphere humanitarian standards.

The Sphere Training Package 2015 is available in Arabic and English with some of its modules translated into French and Spanish. It exists only in electronic format and can be freely downloaded from the Sphere website.

The new training resource consists of 30 modules and session plans supported in most cases by handouts and slides. A comprehensive facilitator's guide and a detailed outline of the content of the modules complete the package.

The package provides those involved in capacity-building activities - be they Sphere-focused or more generic humanitarian training - with a comprehensive set of new and revised tools to present Sphere principles and standards in the context of face-to-face workshops.

It is tailored to an audience unfamiliar with Sphere as well as to more experienced practitioners who may find it useful to refresh their knowledge of the Sphere Handbook or to explore it more deeply.

The training package follows a flexible, modular approach designed to allow for the delivery of training activities in a variety of contexts (including, for instance, lack of electricity). Each module includes a 90-minute session plan. Facilitators can choose the modules that are relevant to the needs of their audience. On occasion, the package offers several options on the same topic.

The 30 training modules are organised around three themes:

A) Sphere essentials: 17 modules tackling fundamental topics from Sphere basics to the rights-based approach to the Handbook technical chapters.

B) Mainstreaming Sphere: Seven modules covering transversal aspects linked to the implementation of Sphere in humanitarian action from preparedness to response to recovery as well as advocacy and coordination.

C) Sphere and the wider community: Six modules on how to use Sphere to engage with stakeholders involved in humanitarian response.

The facilitator's guide includes adult learning recommendations and tips to assess, plan, design, conduct, evaluate and follow up training events. It provides examples on how to use the modules in order to adapt the training to different time availabilities.

Users of the package are invited to share their comments with the Sphere office through a short online feedback form or by email. Please keep the office informed of your training plans and share the adapted versions of the modules you may produce. A revision based on users' feedback is foreseen in 2016.

Two experienced trainers, Sylvie Robert and Astrid De Valon, developed this new training resource. They counted on the support of an advisory group made up of some 40 learning specialists from different regions.

Feedback on the 2011 Sphere training modules contributed by more than 140 users provided precious input that was taken into account in the conception of the new materials. The package includes new materials and, in some cases, adapted versions of already existing resources.

  • Download the full Sphere Training Package 2015: ArabicEnglish.
  • Download six training modules in French.
  • Download six training modules in Spanish.
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