New: The Sphere Handbook in Ukrainian

03 October 2016 | Sphere Project

A Ukrainian-language version of the Sphere Handbook 2011 edition has just been published. With this new version, the Handbook is now available in 29 languages.

The translation of the Handbook was done by the Rev Marian and Dr Roman Curkowskyj Foundation. Established in 1990 in Toronto, Canada, the Foundation supports the advancement of education, notably through the publication of works in Ukrainian.

The Sphere Handbook in Ukrainian"The Curkowskyj Foundation donates books to educational institutions, provides scholarships and awards publication grants," says its Co-Director Danielle Stodilka. "We expect this version of the Sphere Handbook to be a meaningful contribution to the humanitarian community in the country."

The armed conflict that started in eastern Ukraine in April 2014 intensified in early 2015, resulting in further civilian casualties, extensive suffering and significant displacement in both rural and densely populated urban areas. As a result, some 3.1 million people are in need of humanitarian aid.

"With so many conflicts in the world, we seldom hear about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine anymore," says the country's Humanitarian Coordinator Neal Walker. And this "despite the onset of winter, ongoing loss of civilian life and deepening hardship" for the people affected by the conflict.

According to Walker, the civil society has reacted with "volunteerism and citizen's solidarity". However, both "people in need and volunteers are traumatised, broken and stretched to their limits." The Humanitarian Response Plan 2016 aims to reach 2.5 million people in need. It requires USD 298 million in funds and involves 147 humanitarian agencies.

"This new translation of the Sphere Handbook, a set of globally accepted and respected humanitarian standards, will help to ensure that humanitarian workers and aid organisations based in Ukrainian-language communities have increased access to tools, resources and guidance to help them deliver effective, timely and appropriate assistance," says Timothy Cohen, from Charter4Change.

Born in the wake of the World Humanitarian Summit, Charter4Change is an initiative by national and international NGOs to implement changes to the way the humanitarian system operates in order to enable a more locally-led response.

"The Sphere Handbook in Ukrainian will allow relevant humanitarian actors to take greater ownership of - and ensure that they are engaged in - the planning and delivery of humanitarian response in their own communities," Cohen adds.

There are currently 29 language versions of the Sphere Handbook available as freely downloadable PDF files on the Sphere website. Many of them can be ordered in hard copy from their publishers.

The English, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the Handbook also exist in eBook format.

The Arabic, English, French and Spanish versions are accessible online on the micro-website

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