Sphere Board unveils strategic plan 2015-2020

09 March 2015 | Sphere Project

Sphere 2020, the Sphere Project strategic plan for the coming six years, has just been published. The plan defines an ambitious agenda for Sphere to continue fulfilling its unique role within the humanitarian sector as a leading standards-setting initiative.

Sphere 2020 - Strategic plan 2015-2020"The new strategy," says Sphere Board Chair Unni Krishnan, "will enable the worldwide community of Sphere practitioners to rise to today's humanitarian challenges through its new focus on network and innovation, as well as its renewed emphasis on learning, advocacy and standards coherence."

Building on nearly two decades of organic growth, Sphere 2020 sets about to transform Sphere into a vigorous, deeply connected network of practitioners and organisations which will act as a global catalyst for humanitarian quality and accountability.

Four strategic priorities will enable this ambitious goal:

Priority 1: The establishment of a robust, inclusive network of Sphere practitioners will allow humanitarian actors and first responders to develop greater capacity to put humanitarian principles and standards into practice.

Priority 2: The collective ability of the Sphere network to carry out training and advocacy will be strengthened, targeting first responders, traditional and new humanitarian actors, international systems as well as local and national authorities.

Priority 3: A revision of the Sphere Handbook will offer the opportunity to sharpen the relevance and usability of Sphere standards by consolidating the evidence base and aligning them with innovative best practice in the sector as well as new technologies.

Priority 4: The progressive formalisation of a global standards alliance will improve coordinated action, allowing humanitarian standards to better influence humanitarian response, building greater ownership by individuals, communities and organisations.

In support of its strategic priorities, Sphere 2020 makes a point of developing dynamic communications and fundraising strategies.

"The Sphere Project was born out of the conviction that people affected by disaster or conflict have rights and that those rights need to be at the centre of all humanitarian endeavours," says Krishnan. "We believe Sphere 2020 will enable us to continue honouring that foundational insight and carry it over into the new realities of the humanitarian landscape."

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