Sphere Handbook bulk price to change on 1 November

07 October 2013 | Sphere Project

You still have four weeks to order the Sphere Handbook in bulk from Practical Action Publishing at its current price of GBP 5.00 per copy (plus shipping cost). Bulk orders are those involving 20 or more copies of the Handbook.

The Sphere HandbookOn 1 November 2013 the Handbook bulk price, which has been maintained at its present level for more than 10 years, will increase to GBP 6.50 per copy. The price of single copies remains unchanged at GBP 12.95 (plus shipping cost).

The new Handbook bulk price will cover increased printing and handling costs.

The income generated by Handbook sales covers re-print and general distribution costs (storage, handling, and other expenses incurred by the distributor). Any remaining balance is used by the Sphere Project office to cover other production costs (e.g. graphic design and translations) and to develop new platforms (e.g. online and digital).

The full content of the Sphere Handbook in four languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish) is available as a micro-website at SphereHandbook.org

Currently, 22 language versions of the Sphere Handbook are available for download as PDF files from the Sphere website: SphereProject.org/handbook

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