New: The Sphere Handbook in Swahili

21 March 2017 | Sphere Project

The Sphere Handbook 2011 edition is now available in Swahili, bringing the total number of language versions of the Handbook up to 30.

The translation of the Handbook into Swahili is the work of Translators without Borders (TWB). A global network of over 3,900 professional translators, TWB works to close language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian efforts around the world.

“For humanitarian response to be effective, information needs to be in the right language,” says Aimee Ansari, TWB Executive Director. “As the Sphere standards are a critical resource for humanitarian actors,” she adds, “we are most happy to have contributed to make them available in Swahili, a virtual ‘lingua franca’ in the Great Lakes region as well as in other parts of eastern and southeastern Africa.”

There are currently 30 language versions of the Sphere Handbook available as PDF files on the Sphere website. Many of them can be ordered in hard copy from their publishers.

The English, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the Handbook exist in eBook format.

The Arabic, English, French and Spanish versions are accessible online at

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