Thai version of the Sphere Handbook now available

31 March 2016 | Sphere Project

The Sphere Handbook 2011 edition has just been published in Thai. With this new version, the Handbook is now available in 27 languages.

The translation of the Handbook was jointly undertaken by the Thai Red Cross Society, the Southeast Asia Regional Delegation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Ministry of Public Health.

Sphere Handbook in ThaiAlthough Sphere standards are “compiled and defined by experts from all over the world, they can be usefully applied to the specific situation in Thailand and neighboring countries,” wrote Mr Phan Wannamethee, Secretary General of the Thai Red Cross, in a foreword.

“As the trend is for disasters to become more severe and larger,” Wannamethee added, “knowledge-sharing is needed if all working in relief are to move in the same direction, especially in life-saving areas such as water and sanitation, food, shelter and health.”

Currently affected by an El Niño-induced drought which is the worst in the last two decades, Thailand is located in one of the world's most disaster-prone regions, facing heavy rains and flooding every year.

The country also hosts a large refugee population, mainly Karen and Rohingya people who fled Myanmar as well as people internally displaced due to ethno-nationalist violence in the South.

There are currently 27 language versions of the Sphere Handbook available as freely downloadable PDF files on the Sphere website. Many of them can be ordered in hard copy from their publishers.

The English, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the Handbook also exist in eBook format.

The Arabic, English, French and Spanish versions are accessible online on the micro-website

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