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  • Sphere revision Consultation Toolkit (Arabic)

    Resources for organisers of in-person consultations on the revision of the Sphere standards (in Arabic).

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  • Sphere Standards in National Humanitarian Response (Arabic)

    This discussion paper sets out to understand and describe opportunities for adapting international humanitarian standards to a regional, national or local level in preparing for, or responding to a disaster.

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  • Sphere Handbook usage survey infographic Arabic

    The Sphere Handbook, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response, is the humanitarian community’s flagship set of standards. In April 2016, we asked people to tell us more about how they are using it. This is a visual summary of the survey findings.

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  • Sphere Training In Gaza

    This document is a report of a capacity-building event which was hosted and funded by Islamic Relief – Palestine (Supported by Forumsyd) as a part of a larger project on capacity building for partners and civil society organizations. The training was led by Mahmoud H. Abudraz from 10th of October till 09th of November 2015. The total number of training hours was 84 hours i.e. 18 training hours per week. Participants were a mixed group consisting of many CBOs all over the Gaza Strip and were gender-balanced.


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