Draft 2 of the Sphere Handbook now ready for review and feedback

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Welcome to Draft 2 of the Sphere Handbook 2018!
The first phase of the revision process was the most inclusive in Sphere’s history. Sphere and its partners analyzed 2,500 comments as well as input received from 1,200 participants in consultation events across 40 countries. Over the summer, we worked with authors to review and integrate the rich feedback and recommendations into the first draft.

Thanks to this global effort, a new draft of the Sphere Handbook 2018 – for the first time in its entirety – is now available for you to download and review.

We look forward to your help to refine the text: download the draft and submit your comments by using one of the three means available below. Help us shape the future Sphere standards now!

Download Draft 2: any or all chapters of the draft Sphere Handbook.


Highlights of Draft 2 include:

  • A revised What is Sphere introduction to using the standards in practice;
  • A new Delivering Through Markets annex covering Supply Chain Management and Cash-Based Assistance;
  • Strengthened inter-chapter linkages and more robust integration of cross-cutting themes;
  • A redesigned Shelter and Settlement chapter;
  • New WASH standards on linkages to health for disease outbreaks and nutrition interventions;
  • A full review of the Protection Principles;
  • Newly drafted chapter introductions and appendices.


As in the first consultation round, Draft 2 is only available in English. However, feedback and inputs are welcome in Arabic, French, and Spanish as well.

The deadline for feedback is Monday 6 November 2017.


There are three options to provide feedback on Draft 2:

1. Complete the online form and comment on any part of the text
An online form (also downloadable as a Word document to be sent to revision@sphereproject.org) allows comments on any aspect of the Handbook in detail. Make a suggestion on a specific standard, section, cross-cutting theme, or the Handbook as a whole.


2. Take a survey: how can we make the standards even more usable? 
After reading the text, an online survey provides the opportunity to give more general feedback on the chapters and the Handbook as a whole. How can it be made more usable? Have we missed key issues? Is there additional evidence that supports the standards?

3. Host a consultation or participate in one
An in-person consultation at the local, regional or global level gives you an opportunity to discuss the draft with other practitioners and provide feedback as a group. A toolkit for consultation organizers is available on the Sphere website.



The content is available in English as PDF files.
Download one chapter, several chapters, or all chapters by clicking on the icons below.

Download the whole draft at once (3.1 MB)


Introduction, Common Chapters, Annex



Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion — WASH

Food Security and Nutrition

Shelter and Settlement


Health Action