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Click to watch the trailer of the Sphere Handbook in Action e-learning courseThe Sphere Handbook in Action e-learning course aims to strengthen the effective use of the Sphere Handbook, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.

Taking the course is free of charge. No academic qualifications are required. Each person may take the course at her or his own pace.

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Main features

Sphere in Action e-learning course flyerThe course brings the Handbook to life through the use of realistic scenarios, helping the learner to get acquainted with its core messages and to understand how to use it holistically.

The course will be beneficial to anyone involved in humanitarian response: from people new to Sphere principles and standards to experienced humanitarian workers who already work with them but may appreciate tips on how to use them better.

Among the key aspects of humanitarian work explored by the course are: accountability to affected populations, needs assessments, response coordination, impartiality and non-discrimination, keeping populations safe from harm, "building back safer" and looking after oneself as a humanitarian worker.

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In this webinar Verónica Foubert, responsible for Training and Learning Management at the Sphere Project office, offers an overview of the new Sphere e-learning course.


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