Unpacking Sphere: Sphere for Assessments is out

11 February 2014 | Sphere Project

The Sphere Project office has published Sphere for Assessments, a short guide to help humanitarian staff involved in needs assessments to identify and implement the sections of the Sphere Handbook that are most relevant to this task.

Sphere for AssessmentsDeveloped by the Sphere Project and the Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS), the guide is meant for use by assessment teams in the field, managers implementing an organisation-wide assessment strategy and coordinators developing and implementing joint assessments.

The publication is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Sphere for Assessments is based on the conviction that the use of commonly agreed indicators in humanitarian needs assessment will contribute to greater coherence and coordination both at national level and in the humanitarian sector as a whole.

The guide follows the assessment cycle from assessment preparedness through to information-sharing and learning. Its focus is on how to ensure that Sphere standards and indicators are incorporated into the assessment process.

This tool is part of the on-going series of "Sphere unpacked" guides that will eventually cover the use of Sphere principles and standards within the humanitarian project cycle including assessment, programming, monitoring and evaluation.

A pilot version of Sphere for Assessments was made available one year ago. The final version has incorporated feedback from a number of contributors.

[Updated on 17 July 2015.]

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