Offres d'emploi

Contribute to making universal humanitarian standards accessible to the digital community 

Sphere is seeking to recruit a Digital Platforms Architect (DPA), who will be responsible for the design, implementation and quality assurance of a comprehensive strategy for delivering the revised Sphere Handbook and related supporting content through an integrated architecture of online platforms and mobile applications. The DPA will work closely with the Handbook Revision team to ensure that all content is appropriately structured to ensure maximum accessibility.

Additional information: Please download the Terms of Reference.

Submission deadline for applications: 10 June 2017.


Plusieurs organisations membres du Conseil d'administration du Projet Sphère ainsi qu'un certain nombre d'initiatives en matière de qualité et de redevabilité publient des offres d'emploi sur leurs sites Internet. Nous invitons les personnes à la recherche d'un emploi à consulter les sites/pages mentionnés ci-dessous.

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