Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership

The Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership draws together six key actors in the humanitarian standards field:

Collectively, their minimum standards guide assistance in nine crucial areas of humanitarian response: water supply and sanitation, food security and nutrition, shelter and settlements, health action, education, child protection, livestock management, economic recovery and market analysis.

The Global Humanitarian Standards Partnership aims to further develop coherence and complementarity among the standards involved so that humanitarian practitioners are able to move easily between them. To achieve this, it works to improve links between standards, increase cross-references and eliminate inconsistencies.

To leverage its impact, the Partnership will conduct joint advocacy at global, regional and country level to promote the full set of standards to policy-makers and other stakeholders. It will also help large humanitarian actors institutionalise them and will work to develop joint training materials, case studies and resources.

The Partnership builds on successful bilateral companionship agreements previously established between Sphere and each of the other standards-setting initiatives.

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