Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards

The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) were published by the LEGS Project in 2009 as a set of international guidelines and standards for the design, implementation and assessment of livestock interventions to assist people affected by humanitarian crises.

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LEGS takes into account that livestock are a crucial livelihood asset for people throughout the world and that livestock interventions are thus often an important feature of relief responses. LEGS also addresses the fact that climatic trends are causing more frequent and varied humanitarian crises, particularly affecting communities who rely heavily on livestock.

LEGS focuses on the overlap between emergencies, livestock and livelihoods, and aims to bring a livelihoods perspective into livestock-based disaster relief. In addition to emergency response, the guidelines are also concerned with recovery and long-term development processes.

LEGS was formally recognized as a companion standard to the Sphere Handbook Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response in May 2011.

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